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Non-OEM Lefty Ocho Hub

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Hi All:

So I had a wheelset built with an Onyx Lefty Supermax Front Hub, which the build said would work with the Lefty Ocho fork. Bolts on fine but there is a bit of play in the hub. Feels like there is still a bit of play in the bearings. Symptom is the same as not having enough preload on your bearings.

I pulled the bolt cover from the Onyx hub and from Lefty60 hub. Swapped the fixing bolt. Problem remains. It only goes away if I use the Lefty 60 hub. I've seen a fair amount of discussions about using shims behind the inboard bearing, with Cannondale kit QC103. All the usual sources do not have these and I suspect Cannondale no longer makes these. I can't find a shim with a 61805/6805 bearing profile anywhere. I can probably fashion one from thin plastic, shears and a dremel.

Anyone also experience this with either the Lefty 60 hub or a non-OEM hub? Any ideas on resolving this?

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