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Nomad with a Totem?

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I know a few people around have set up their Nomads with Totems, I'm curious to hear some input on how they feel with such a big fork, rather than a 160mm setup. I'll be building a 2011 frame up soon, and got a Totem on close-out a few months back (anticipating a D8 build).

How do you feel it climbs at 180? Is it worth the sacrifice in 1.5 extra pounds for the descending stability? Does a 160mm bike feel right with a 180mm front end?
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If you already got the fork, I'd try to run it and see :)

I debated between a Totem or a 66, and ended up getting a 66 purely because I found a deal. Canada is still full of snow, so I can't tell you how it performs on the trails. But riding around the street is pretty nice, and doesn't feel out of balance.

As far as the extra 1.5 pounds, it'll be up to you. I use a Blur LT w/ a 32mm F150 for most of my riding, so I don't really care if the Nomad was a bit heavier :D

I don't think the bike looks too raked out here:

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i upped my 08 nomad (XL) to a totem from a lyrik. NIGHT AND DAY difference.

climbing is not affected THAT much... the bike is pretty long and climbs well still

Totem DH Air from a lyrik u turn coil.... didnt really gain much in weight going from coil 160 to air 180.

Love it. You will also
Sweet, thanks guys. I guess there really isn't much harm in putting the Totem on, and giving it a whirl for a month or so, especially considering I already have it. And if I don't dig it, I can probably sell it without losing much.

I'm glad to hear from other guys that enjoy the setup!
I ran a totem on my nomad and went back to 160, then I though maybe I want to try 180 again, now I've got a 36 180 and and decided it just makes the bb too tall. I've lowered it to 170 and I'm going to stick with it for a while. My take is a nomad with a 180 is tall, if that suites your style you'll love it. If you value good cornering over all else, you'll probably prefer a 160. I'm compromising with a 170. Slightly higher bb, .5 slacker. If your totem is 1 1/8, you may want a zero stack headset to keep your bb height in check. Though unlike me, you may prefer the taller bb. It's all about building to suit your style and local trails. I'm in CO too so I'm guessing we ride similar terrain.
I run a Totem air on my Nomad 2 and its great. Climbs like a mountain goat (much better than my hard tail) and of course descends well. I'm very happy, of course all these things are very much a personal choice. You should be happy. :thumbsup:
I've got a Nomad C on order. I'll be running a '10 66 RC3 Ti (1.25" ST) with a CK Inset low stack HS, and a CCDB. The low stack HS shaves ~ 10mm of height, so geo is still in the sweet spot.
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