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snowanon said:
Looking For New Bike Considering Nomad,6.6 And Ellsworth/epiphany. Any Words Of Advise Would Be Appreciated.
I don't have any of these two but I sure consider them for my next purchase. Here is what opinion/facts I've gathered up to now. Take those for what they are worth, I'm no technical reference on bikes, never tried either of those and I have no engineering degree, just a pure joe weekend rider!

- I like the Nomad's dropout more then the 6.6, it "looks" more solid to me.

- I like the Nomad's rear deraileur cable routing better than the 6.6, it "looks" less troublesome.

- The Nomad can be ordered with a coil shock, can be a plus if that's what you like.

- The Nomad can be ordered anodized if that is a plus for what you like.

- Using the same fork on both, the head angle is only half a degree different so it's mostly the seat tube angle and chainstay length that are different. This seems to create a more FR oriented feel on the Nomad and XC feel on the 6.6 however it probably changes quite a bit depending on the seatpost and stem that is used to setup the bike. Bottom line, it's probably possible to achieve a very close feel on both by using the appropriate seatpost/stem combination.

- There has been a few comments by people who tried it (but don't own it), that the Nomad would have a tendency for front wheel wandering on steep climbs. The Nomad has long chainstay so it should not do that but who knows, is it a matter of setup with steatpost/stem, maybe!

- The fact that the 6.6 starts with a steeper seat angle tends to suggest it will be a bit more "flexible" to accomodate a longer travel fork (axle to crown lenght) without having the rider suffer too much when pedaling uphill.

Those are the things I've noticed by reading a lot of stuff here, comparing the geometries and dreaming about these two babies almost every night for the last few weeks! haha

Hope it helps you a bit.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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