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Nomad or Reign X1 For AZ Riding (New Here)

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I'm out here right now, looking at homes. I have some friends currently out here that ride often, they are XC'ish. They ride Hawes, T100, National etc.... I want a bike that can do all this plus when I get a bit better in shape take on Geronimo and other South Mtn stuff. That being said probably 60% of my riding will be done out at Hawes/T100 and then National. I know both of these bikes are a bit on the big side for either of them. But pedaling these babies might cut some of the fat off my a$$. Any recommendations to which is better for AZ riding, as I am moving here soon. I ride a medium, I'm a big guy, going to be losing some weight out here hopefully, 5'9" (ish) and 260lbs. Help me out anyone. The Reign X1 looks somewhat heavier and clunkier then the new Nomads. Any added benefit? I've heard both can take a beating. Any other suggestions?

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You really can't go wrong with either bike. Both are built to do eduro riding along with being able to handle the rough stuff on the back end of any mtn. They are both great climbers for being long legged, and both can be ridden as a mini DH bike. So you get best of both worlds IMO.

hmmm if I had to choose between those two, it would be pretty damn hard. I have only really ridden the first gen Nomad so by going on that it would have to be the nomad. I would have to ride each one of them since the new changes to make this call. Majority of shops here carry both bikes so go out and test them out and see which one makes your panties tickle a little!!!

Ref: Cactus bike shop has the reign's to test, and Slippery pig and i believe Rage cycles have the santa cruz bikes for ya! I would just call around and see who has them. Good luck and have fun testing out two great bikes!! Oh and remember the rental fee's goes towards your bike that you are going to buy!
I ride a regin x1 2008 and love every thing about it......I would say the regin for you for sure.Put an adj. fork on the front and bam you have the perfecrt bike for riding anything out here...up er down no problems.

The nomad is sweet as well. Never riden one, just looks like funn...

You looking to get the 2009 er the 2010 in these models??
I am also a large rider (6'1", 240lbs w/o gear). I rode a size large 2008 Nomad (1.5 headtube, but not the revised VPP links) and found the rear end to be very flexy. I had the Fox DHX Air 5.0, and had to have the pressure maxed to have the correct sag. The bike was very capable on local trails, I just hated the flexy feeling of the rear end, and the wallowing in the mid-stroke of the DHX Air (see many other posts in other forums). The Nomad was very light, but I was willing to sacrifice weight for a frame that was a little more rigid.

I sold the frame, and now ride a Tranny BottleRocket, which is totally overkill (and technically not an all mountain bike, but I use it as one), but there is ZERO flex anywhere. Totally different type of bike than the Nomad, but I am MUCH happier. You may want to look into something that is built a little more burly to match your weight.

I have not ridden the x1.
How about an EG?

I think you owe it to yourself to demo a Titus El Guapo. Get an adjustable 6" fork and an adjustable seatpost. I have a great time railing 1-track at Hawes in 4" mode and at 6" mode with the seat down, it can take on anything at T100 (Cheese Grater/Hairball) as well as almost anything on SoMo. Another plus is that it's a great pedaling 6" bike.

My prediction is that whatever 6" travel bike you choose... you'll be trying to talk your friends into riding SoMo every weekend, because that place is addictive!


PS - Check out a little EG Demo-ing HERE.
I have an El Guapo and it is pretty damn sweet, but not as light as the Nomad frame. The X1 is probably a bit piggish, but probably the cheapest of the lot.

If you have the coin, the new Pivot Firebird makes all of these bikes look stupid. Sorry Titus, SC, and Giant. I love my EG, but the Firebird is superior....snappier pedaling, plush suspension on the hits, and the handling is excellent. I can't believe the difference.
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