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Nomad Misaligned ?

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I finally received my Nomad today and as I was inspecting it I noticed that triangle is slightly closer to the seat tube on the drive side by about 3.00mm -4.00mm. I'm not sure if this is just the way it is or if it is slightly misaligned. I know there was a similar issue with some bullits years back. Can anyone check their triangle and let me know if this is normal ? :confused:

Many Thanks

This is what I mean:
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I also recieved my nomad today. After seeing your post I went and looked at mine. My specs are slightly off, probably about 2mm. What did they do with the bullits that had this problem. I took a picture of my frame like yours but your pictures do a better job of pointing out the differences.
Maybe it's the way they are supposed to be aligned? Is yours off on the same side as my frame in the picture ?

It seems like a #2 pencil is the best way to check this becuase on one side it fits (drive side) flush between the seat tube and the triangle and on the other there is 2.00mm-3.00mm of space.

Some Bullits had alignment issues where the rear triangle would be cocked of to the side. You could tell by a similar way. My last bullit was perfectly stright and lasted for a long time.

Anyone else care to do the #2 pencil test to see if this is normal ?

you could email these pics to Scott at SC to see what he knows. He has always been good about responding to me within a day or two.
It looks like mine is a little bigger on the right side. I uploaded images so I hope they post.


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We had one come through our shop a few months ago. We thought it was the rear triangle that was bad. It ended up being the seattube was not aligned properly to the top tube and BB/downtube. SC shipped out a complete new frame without much trouble at all.:thumbsup:

Seems like mine is way off. It would'nt bother me if it was 1-2mm off but I'm getting more like 4-5mm after measuring. Argh !
I'm not looking forward to waiting for another frame. Hopefully it will be an easy exchange. anyone else have this issue ?
Yep im the same

Seem's ive got a 2/3mm difference on the right side as well not that ive noticed any probs on the trail but who knows in the long term if it is putting more pressure on the bearings:eek: etc.
Nomad = junk...... check, got it;)
hey jay, if you're talking bout mine it was'nt the seat tube it was that "Y" that joins the seat stays and the chain stays together that was off.

Holy bat smoke, I wonder if this is why my back wheel is so hard to get out of the drop outs-anybody else having this problem. More specifically, does anyone have fun bolts and have trouble getting the back wheel out of the drop? My drive side is just a little farther away from the seatpost-but not much at all.

Man, that's a bummer. Should have banked a leftover $900 and bought a Heckler.
mine is centered correct with only .5mm difference...

A Heckler ? Heck no !
If I wanted a single pivot design I would just get an old bullit !
The Nomad is a pretty stout frame once you see it in person. The drop outs and chain stays are really quite beefy and thick. I'm totally stoked to get one built up. I just hope the next one is stright. I understand it being off a little but mine is pretty far off to the left. I was just about to sell my 7point 7 frame but now I'm going to hold onto it until I get a replacement for this. The sad part is that I waited 2 months for this frame !
Just checked it, mine is fine, maybe not perferct but certainly not more then 1-2mm difference so it's almost impossible to measure with precision.

Turtle, my back wheel fits like a glove. Are you pushing on the rear derailleur when you push out the back wheel? If the derailleur is in the way and or have some kind of "big" quick release bolt/adapter, that maybe causing you grief... And also make sure your rear dropout is bolted in correctly.
Measured mine using a digital caliper.

.360" and .401". With a difference of .041".
I'd say it's within tolerance. I can't complain.
A $2000 + frame should be aligned better than your picture shows. Hopefully Santa Cruz will take care of you.... and in a reasonable time frame.

The frame you received is totally unacceptable as far as I'm concerned. I wonder how it even got out the door. Maybe Santa Cruz is skipping steps to meet the high demand for that frame.

Post back as more info becomes available.
My Nomad appears to be about a millimeter off between the stays by my caliper measurement. I got curious so I measured my two Bullits, an FSR Enduro, and a Haro Werx (EX1 type). None of them are perfectly centered but hardly anything to be concerned over. The Bullits and Haro have a similar place to measure like the Nomad...I had to use a different method on the Enduro. I'd think this is probably one of those much-a-do-about-nothing things. When I go to the shop tomorrow I'll get the Park *** (frame alignment guage) tool and check several bikes on the floor just for grins. I'll bet that perfection will be the exception rather than the norm. While there should definitely be a tolerance and quality control issue within an acceptable level, I'll bet most bikes are not built to NASA requirements. Of course...there was that Hubble telescope fiasco...LOL!
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Measured my Nomad. The difference is a max of 0.9mm. I'm not bothered by this on mine at all.
This is a common problem with SC bikes. Whoever is pressing the bearings in at the factory needs to put the pipe down. Just press the bearings further towards the side with less space.
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