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i am having an issue with my linkage

when you look at the very bottom linkahe, where the chainstay and the link meet, there is very little clearence for anything to pass through. when i ride in the wet, little rocks stick in there and GRIND the linkage and frame.

anyone else out there with this issue? any solutions? not something to worry about?

i know the black linkage has a lot of the finish removed now from the scratching!

any input?

oh, and the mud clearance on the nomad sucks too huh?

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Try to keep that area clean! The aluminum lower link will eventually "elongate" at the axle. SC sells replacement lower links for around $35/shipped.

A lot of Nomad (and VP-Free) owners have fabricated different types of "link guards", including rear fenders to remedy the situation.

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My Nomad's over 18 months old with lots of actual use. Yeah, I hear rocks and gravel getting crunched in that space all the time, but it doesn't seem to really do much of anything. Neither my link nor frame really have much scratching or material removed. Just doesn't seem to be anything to worry about.
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