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Hi guys. According to Santa Cruz' homepage it's now working out with SRAM front der. But anyone of you tried out speed? If yes I must take the 10 Speed front der. ?!
Need some help: I want to change my 9 speed to a 10 speed (x0). Will change also my Middleburn cranks (equipped 2x 24/36) - using a DRS with bashguard. Now I want to buy the new X0 cranks - but will take the 3x10 and have to replace ALL the chainrings cause the 2x10 has a different diameter - so the bashguard won't fit in the 2x10.
BTW do you know if I can use normal chainrings (ex stylo rings etc in 24/36 when using 10speed?) SRAM said no but I think that's impossible.
And now I need some infos which front der. would work out the best when riding 2x front using 10 speed.
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