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I finally read all the directions, and took the links apart on my Nomad.

It was very easy, compared to my old Blur. With this design, maintenance on it will be fun. I can also see, with the crud that was collected in there, that it needs more than just a shot of grease once in a while.

Question though, the directions say to tighten the axle 'about like you would a headset', or 35 inch lbs, and 'not very tight'. For those that have done this, is there any way you can put it into words how tight the axle should be? I just went until it sorta stopped, then kinda backed off and on, but kinda loose snug??? Does it matter if it is too loose?

Also, popping out the angle washers was a little scary. I think the back of a drill bit next time that is close in size, and without the hex on it. Any thoughts on that step?


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Remove the shock when you re-install the pivot axles.....this way you can cycle the suspension to make sure it is not loose or too tight.

Make sure you put some anti-sieze on the conical washers when you put them back in....this will help to keep them from creaking, and will make them a much easier to remove later on.
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