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Nomad 1.0 and Evolver Setup

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G'day All,
Swapping out my 2006 DHX Air for an ISX-6 on my Nomad 1.0.

Does anyone have any setup tips they'd be happy to pass on?

I've been reading with interest the threads on DHX Air issues on Nomads, and I have to say I agree (hence the swap-out). I've had my bike for three years, and I've never felt i've got the shock setup quite right. It seems I can make drastic changes in the settings, like 20-30psi changes in the main can, and it hardly makes a difference to the sag, always 20-25mm.

Hopefully the Evolver will bring some improvement, plus the setup seems a bit more logical. I get sick of trying balance out all that Boost Valve Vs pro pedal Vs Bottom Out business.
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I'm 185 pounds and I use about 180-185 in the main chamber, about 60 in the piggyback, the bottomout chamber fully open, and the high and low compression adjusters fully open. I had it on an '06 Nomad and now on an '08. Probably the best air shock going.
Thanks TNC.

Stage 1 swapout complete, and the changes are substantial. For the first time, Im able to set my Nomad with a proper 15mm of sag.

I'm not a small boy, 6'4" and 270lbs, running what was an XXL Nomad (refered to as an XL now). I used to have to crank the DHX Air to 300psi to set a remotely reasonable amout of sag (22-25mm is teh best I could do usually). The Evolver only took 240-250psi and easily sat at 15mm.

She's passed the "carpark test", i'll hit the trails with a shock pump on the weekend to really dial her in. Just struggling to work out what the remote air chamber does. I whacked 65psi in there as you recomended and it runs fine, but I need to find out what running more or less air in there actually does to the ride. All the other settings are self explanatory.
Don't get too immersed in trying to set an exact sag number all the time. A good ride height and attaining full travel will be better guides for this shock. On the bottomout chamber, I wouldn't go below 60 psi, and be aware that you're dropping air pressure in the chamber when you open the chamber up. Always reset pressure when you change the volume until you get used to how the pressure rise or drop is working for you.
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