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nomad 09 compared to 10..?

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When looking at the 2009 and 2010 nomads what are the major diferences....?

Are there any key points or changes like linkage or tubing anthing that stands out.

What's the best way to identify year model.

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I know they did there major updates for on the 09 model, I am not finding info to compare the 09-10
Since SC doesn't use the exact year model method like most brands, you'll probably just have to refer to the Gen 1, Gen 1.5, and Gen 2 designations. The current model is generally referred to as Gen 2 or such. Your question may be too general. The '09 Nomad...Gen 2...hasn't really changed to any degree, has it? But then when you consider that there's also a carbon Gen 2 design, well, that's a pretty big change...even though all the pivot and other critical points are in the same place.

There have basically been 2 main Nomad model changes, but the Gen 1.5 has a 1.5" head tube with a stronger top tube over the Gen 1. The Gen 1 would occasionally crack at the top tube pivot, and that was improved on the Gen 1.5. Very specifically I think there have only been 4 Nomad models...the aluminum first generation...the aluminum 1.5 head tube generation...the aluminum current generation (Gen 2)...and the current carbon generation. Is that about it?
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If it has an aluminum cut out head tube badge, it is the earliest of gen 2. If it has a plastic badge, it is later.

At least that may give you an idea when it was manufactured at a glance. Other than that, I can see any difference.
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