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Yep, my CK rear(5 years old)hub sounds odd when riding(rumbling sound, i regular greases both the two inside bearings, the one in the middle of the hub is though very hard to get two, and i dont think i do a to good job there, the bearing, with the flat rollers on, in the casettehouse is easy greasing and so is the two big main bearings.
So what is wrong?my own gues is the smaller one in hub???, my local shop has some CK tools but i think in fact they never used them yet, so some guidance would be nice, and what part too get and where + cost.
And one more thing, in cold weather, it always had problems running backward, making the chain slap, has CK sorted that out?, or can i do something myself?

Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jesper

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You mentioned the 4 bearings in the hub, but not the Ring Drive. What cleaning/lubing have you done there, and what lube did you use? What grease did you use on the bearings? King's website is chock full of very good maintenance info (including downloadable movies) so poke around there first.

Freehub drag usually comes from too-thick grease and/or tight seals, but your seals must be well broken in after 5 years...

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Yeah I'd guess he needs to pay attention to the ring drive too, I doubt it's the bearing inside the drive shell body making an unusual noise, and hopefully he just forgot to mention he's been cleaning the ring drive mechanism and lubing it per instructions for the tool-less service.

Personally I've got the tool and regularly fully service my hubs, and recommend it annually, let alone not at all in 5 years, but I probably put mine to more use (and I've got more than one set of CKs). If you pay attention to the service requirements and instructions from CK you won't have a problem, even your cold weather situation, it's covered.
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