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Hello all.

I am posting rides on for anyone that wants to get out on the trails in the Northern part of the Front Range. I'm up for about anything but the standard ride will be focused on good times and is typically "no drop ride" to use a roadie term. Most rides will be MTB but I will also post my road rides and booze cruises as they occur.

Interested? Check out the groups posted on Velocal ( and sign up for my group called "Random Rides" and you will receive an e-mail anytime I post something. You should also be able to post rides to this group on your own.

Just trying to get some folks together to ride. This group was formally know as the "Drinking Club With a Riding Problem" but I failed to get that group going (go figure, the name says it all!). Anyway, new year, new attempt at some group rides, sign up if you want.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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