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No Tubes Sealant Injector Syringe question

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No Tubes Sealant Injector Syringe question


i have presta valves and the syringe instructions stated to take the valve core out. i know how to take a schreader core out but not the presta.
how do u take the presta core out? or dont i need to, to refill the tube?
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you do and you need 2 things, a core remover and a stem with a removable core
I actually find it easier to just pop off 4" or 5" of tire and pour it in
thanks dan.. i did that yesterday and had a hell of a time re beading the tire,,. the old stans formed a build up along the bead..
stans and mavic both sell removable core valves
I use a small crescent wrench to take the guts out of the stem. There are flats on opposing sides, if you look closely. I use a regular 10cc syringe to squirt the juice in. One scoop equals about five shots. A longer syringe would be difficult to maneuver between the spokes.

It takes longer to deflate the tire than it does to squirt the Stans with the syringe.
What stems are you using? Are you using a split tube ghetto method or cutting the stems out of old tubes and using a ghetto tape method?

Stans, Mavic, and Shimano make valves with removable cores. If you are doing ghetto, there are some tubes with removable cores, Hutchison and Continental plus others I can not remember the name. Search "ghetto tubeless" it has been posted.

I gave up on ghetto split rim and use the Stans rims, valves, and yellow tape.
you can also nip off the end of presta valve with wire cutters

unscrew that little "nut" and then carefully pinch the tube below the valve area as valve falls down into tube.

then just use a small squeeze bottle (like the stans small white one, buy sm bottle and keep reusing bottle to fill), squeeze however much in...i think 2 oz per bottle?

oh wait...yours is no tube and a tire? hmmm, you don't want to let the valve fall into tire then and it will be too difficult to pinch tire...

well, you could tie a thin thread or string to valve tip so you can pull it back through again.

oh well, good luck

i used this method on my road tubes and have had great experience with it. i put about 2 oz in each tube
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slocaus said:
What stems are you using?
I use Stan's rim strip, with the integrated stem and removable core. Nothing I do could be described as "ghetto."
The question was for adamant118 since he did not state what setup when he asked the original question.
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