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No Squeaks, No Play ... Should I Buy a Rebuild Kit Anyway?

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Hey Fellas,

I've been riding an 05' pack for the last three years in Colorado (~ 500 rides). I grease the pivots a couple times a year and don't have any issues with squeaks or play. Should I buy a rebuild kit as a proactive measure for 09' or if it ain't broke don't fix it?

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Yes and maybe change your tubes too just in case. :D

J/K if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Unless you're bored or you want to try those Push bushings or something.

Some folks swap around the pivot shafts, as the BB pivot gets the most wear. That will extend the life of the whole set.

You might want to grease the pivots more than a couple of times a year but it's not critical esp if you're not having problems.
I'd buy the kit anyway and keep for when it does rattle and squeak. If it ain't broke..

The grease ports and bushings have done their job.
Hey Graeson, long time man. If it's still good, don't worry about it. If you keep it greased, the existing bushing set will last a loooong time. I typically have that stuff around if you need it, too.

My old Burner I bought in '05 is still going strong with a bud who bought it, original bushings/pivots, in fact, we did a ride last week and he asked me to check his pivots cause he had a squeak. Turned out to be something else and the pivots were tight and right, tried to inject some grease and they were full, he's had the bike for a year now and said he greased em at the beginning of last season.
Now that you've asked the question?

Next ride there will be a squeak!

Better order in some JRA and all :D Try some Push, see what all the fuss is about and report back :thumbsup:
Good to have

I have an 03 5 spot on the original bushings so I think you have some life left in yours. That said it's allways nice to have any proprietery parts in the toolbox if you find a problem the night before a ride. I bought an xc bushing set a year or two ago and there still sitting in the toolbox ready to rescue me if the originals expire.
I got the bushing kit for my '04 Burner earlier this year. I took out some of the old ones and they looked new. The "axles" were in perfect shape. Zero wear and tear on those puppies.
Bikezilla said:
Yes and maybe change your tubes too just in case. :D
Should I be rotating the air in my tubes on a regular basis as well? :D
ignazjr said:
I typically have that stuff around if you need it, too.
sounds like yer lbs has ya covered. gotta love a top rate local shop!
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