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No More Wells Woods?

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My riding buddies and I were discussing the next ride.
I had said that I had found my hand drawn map a coworker had given us to meet him
at WELLS WOODS. The map was from about 4 years ago. Back when we didn't have the bikes or the balls to hit any thing there.
So we decided to go, and a quick check of BIKE RAG to double check that our hand made map was good.
An update on the RAG states that WELLS WOODS is no more?:confused:

What gives?
Did they build houses?

Oh well looks like it's back to Grayville down the road.
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It is Private Property & the land owner wasn't too happy when he found out about all the trails & stunts.
I was not aware that it was private property. It certainly isn't listed as such on Bike Rag.
Not that they have any authority over, or are responsible, stuff like that.
Like I said, friends and I only got out there once a few years ago.
It make me wonder where else I might ride, that I don't know its not public property
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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