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No longer with me...

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My hayes mag is dead. I smashed it on a skinny and the plastic around the brake lever broke off. I had to ziptie the brake lever as seen so it would stay stilll for the rest of my ride!

I do think I will be ordering some Magura's soon though!! :cool:


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Its not the lever thats bad, its fine. I cracked the whole body, so that would need to be replaced. :(
MTBSully said:
y not just buy some new levers?
Buya new lever body. just swap internals and u have a new lever.about 30bux for a new lever body.
Yeah, that brake's still good. New leverbody. Looks like you might need the master cylinder too if the pin is bent.
im sorry to hear about your brake friend...
Rebuild it, new master cylinder, compression ring, pivot pin locking clip, bleed then back to riding.
on one of the diablo rental bikes azonicridder188c smached into a tree and broke a magura gusta almost right in half
ya but did you ever think mabey he dosent want those hayes anymore and would rather get some new kickass brakes? give juicys a thought too. they kick they ass out of haye mags and would be a good upgrade for shur. i know about marguras though so i cant say. but sucka about the brake i broke mine right before a race and had to barrow a bike.
MTBSully said:
y not just buy some new levers?
I had a pair of levers that looked exactly like that only they wore out internally instead of snapping off. From what I understand, you could just buy a nine lever to replace it. I ended up buying a pair of Hayes levers to replace the levers because the calipers were still working fine.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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