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I ordered what I thought was gonna be a 2014 Hardrock Sport Disc 26er from reputable local bike shop last weekend. Got the call that it was ready to pick up and went to grab it earlier today. When I got home and went to register the serial # I noticed that the sticker on the frame said it was built in 2012 and immediately realized I was sold a 2013 model. I packed the bike up and went back to the shop.

When I arrived I asked for the manager and standing a few feet away was the owner of the shop. I explained to him that I ordered a new bike that was suppose to be a 2014 but instead I received a 2013 model and that I wasn't happy. According to the lbs owner Specialized is doing away with the 26" Hardrock Sport Disc for the US market and that only the XS or small frame(can't remember which one) was the only one to receive a new model # for 2014. All other frame sizes would just be carried over from 2013 and once they were sold that would be it for the 26er. From then on Specialized would only be selling a Hardrock Sport Disc as a 29er.

He brought me over to his computer behind the sales counter and showed me that there wasn't a 2014 model available for him to purchase other than in either the XS or S size(once again I can't remember which one). He told me if there was an actual 2014 model available he would take back the 2013 and order me the 2014 but that there just isn't a 2014 Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 26er.

He offered to take the bike back and order me another bike or that he would order me a 2014 Sport Disc 29er if I didn't want the 2013 but I chose to keep it. In turn he refunded me quite a bit of money to make me happy and when I thanked him he said something about him "getting screwed by Specialized on this one".

So is it true there isn't a 2014 Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 26 in say a medium sized frame available in the US market? Only 2013s that were carried over?
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