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After watching all the threads with problems of Nixon Platinum trouble I thought I was free of the greif. Then........ I moved the fork from my Reign 1 to my girlfriends Bullit a couple of months ago and it was fine but on our ride a couple days ago it started losing travel. She extended it out using the travel adjust button but every 5 minutes or so it crept down to about 60-90 mm of travel. Same thing today so I guess after the holidays it goes back to manitou. Shitty. I'd get her a pike but then she cannot use her Crossmax SL wheels.

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It's really esay to fix that
You just need to change the bigger Q-ring in the IT piston
download the service manual from Manitou
buy the Q-ring in any bearings store (size: 20,30 x 2,62)
and it just takes half an hour to change it

Or just send it to Manitou for the same operation
more expensive and no fork for some time

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Check if your fork has the latest IT assembly. If you have then the seals need replacing.

My Super did that recently and the UK importer (Raw) fixed it under warranty.
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