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Hi guys,

I just bought a new Niterider Flamethrower and I love it. I previously used my Digital Pro 12-E which has been super reliable with some great customer service from Niterider. I left my old 12-E mount on my bike since the Flamethrower fit on the mount without a problem. A couple days after I changed the mount to the new included universal handlebar mount and I don't know if it's me but the light shakes like mad when I'm on the trail now. I came back after 10 minutes of my night ride because the shaking was way too much for me and it looked like the colour temperature of the HID lamp kept flickering different colours. I went back and put my original 12-E mount back on and everything it steady and solid. If this is a problem how have you guys solved this shaking problem? The new mount looks great but I think it's just too weak, maybe I'm doing something wrong as I just used the two rubber pieces that are stuck to the mount. Also I compared the light colour with a BMW 540i and an Audi A4 Xenon and I find that the Niterider is a lot more blue than the white Xenons from the cars. Is there any system that matches the whiter colour from german xenons? Thanks a lot and I look forward to your reply!
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