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Nite Ride Report

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Zort called me up at work yesterday and said he'd be down at my end of town and asked if I wanted to join him for a night ride. Sure! We both had only our little LED commuter Newts charged up so we rode a whopping 51 minutes on a bit of Desert Classic following our dim lights. It was fun to get out again on the trails. It was cold.
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Rode last night from DD...and yeah, it got CHILLY! On the other hand, the trails on both sides of the 51 were the tackiest I've ever seen them...flypaper sticky for the SS...great conditions, actually, except for the fogging glasses...:madman:
You're going to anger Dirdir. ;)
...thanks for the report:thumbsup: ! Keep 'em coming.
Yes, thanks and we need more reports!
Crash_FLMB said:
Yes, thanks and we need more reports!
I am sorely out of shape after doing not much of anything after my shoulder break 4 weeks ago and am still recovering from Sunday's bypass ride on flats (my knees suffered horribly from that lapse in sensibility) but I plan to ride my little (ok, not so little) ass off over the next 2+ weeks and will supply many ride reports with lots of pictures and all the gory details :D
u2metoo said:
Did you do any wheelies?
No wheelies but I did do some shots of peppermint schnapps.
We did a ride in the east side of T100 last night in anticipation of one of our bikes hitting the 10,000 mile mark. We had seven miles to go from the start and when the computer rolled over we stopped, toasted with the King of Beers, and re-christened the esteemed bike with foam from the shaken cans that rode in the camelbacks. Saw lots of other bike lights out there and listened to an owl hooting away nearby. Fantastic night, trails were in primo condition!
DurtGurl said:
No wheelies but I did do some shots of peppermint schnapps.
i need to change my lights n get a hawes shuttle going...
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