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Niner Updates (Stock Updates)

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Here is the latest from Niner:

We're in the midst of our move to a new, larger location. The build out, as always, took longer than expected, but we're moving boxes now. We will soon have some room to breath (and stock more frames).

Speaking of Stock, here's the most up to date information:

EMD 9's are in stock in all sizes (although Small frame sizes are getting pretty low)

SIR 9's, as of next week, we will have ALL sizes and colors in stock. If you're waiting on an XL, we will be shipping those mid to late next week.

AIR 9's will be in stock the week of July 10th. Anybody who pre-ordered will be getting their's shipped first.

ONE 9's, we currently have a few SMALLs and XLs in stock in ONE 9's. We will have the remainder of the sizes in stock the week of July 10th.

RIP 9's are being delayed due to some raw material shortages. We will be getting these now in September.

Flat Top 9 handlebars are also delayed because of raw material shortage. These will be in inventory at the end of July.

I think that's all for the inventory. THANKS FOR BEING PATIENT WITH US. Now that we're moving into a location that can store the necessary inventory to keep up with demand, we will have a lot more in stock all the time, so it should be easier to get the size and color of frame you want (when you want it).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected]. Thanks again for your support.

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Hurray! I have been waiting so patiently for my XL SIR 9. I was about to send emails like a 9 year child, "How much longer?, Is it ready yet?". Now I know the wait is almost over! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
does this mean Universal would have my MED One9 in sometime around the week of july 10th?
Yeay, can't wait to get my frame! Just need to get all the other parts to make it a bike.
Sorry, one minor change...

AIR 9 and ONE 9 frames will be shipping out to customers starting the week of the 17th. Sorry for the confusion.

Niner Bikes
Well that's a bummer, no time to test out the rip before school starts....
If I've already pre-ordered and paid for the flat top 9 bars will those be coming along with my Air9 frame I ordered? Hopefully won't have to wait around 2 weeks for H-bars.
Oh man, I can't wait. I've been having dreams about this bike since last october and it's almost here! Thanks for the update, Steve.:thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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