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Cross post from the gravel forum. Thought I would also post in the local forum because I've seen a lot of Niners on the trails out here over the years.

Got an opportunity to make a buy on a Niner RLT 9 3 star Rival build but don't know anything about this bike other than apparently it's a gravel bike. Yeah I've read up on the specs and all and watched a few reviews on YouTube but if you've owned a ridden one would love to hear your thoughts.

Does it lean one way or the other towards gravel or road? (I'm looking for more relaxed, comfortable position vs. fast/race-y)

Thoughts on comfort for longer say 25 to 30 mi rides on the road?

Intended purpose is neighborhood commuter, canal and light gravel riding and occasional 25 or so mile asphalt loops down by the river. No single track. No bike-packing. No 100 milers.


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