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THe CHaMPioNs of NoBLe CaNyON

hello I´m NiKo from Spain....
i knew Señor Wheelie Drop trougth Mtbr forum....I´m very satisfation for this, I could know a locals trails and ride for any trails arround SD.
I am living a best experience with PLaTeRa out my Country....I never Ride with it out of Spain and this is very good....
this Saturday meet five BeTeTeRoS in NOBLE CANYON to ride this friends say me thath this trail is the best for arround SD and I checked the hard thing that it was so much technical as physical, but we are able to make all the tracks. then I can say: We are the CHaMPioNs oF NOBLE CANYON.
I will remember it forever...
THaNKs for the EXpeRieNCe!!!!!
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