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Night XC Race - get ready

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more details have been posted here -

Thanks to Lupine, we will be raffling 2 Tesla light systems - dont need to race to buy a raffle ticket.

proceeds from the race and raffle support marsh creek state park and wallace trail preservation association
I'd actually like to give it a try, But I'll be at the shore that weekend
I'll Be there!

Diablo Divas in the house!
I was looking into this. I'm just a maybe though as of now.
wish i could make it... or had lights for that matter.

but i'll be stuck in boring ole italy haha.
For those of you that are considering racing Marsh Creek next Saturday NIGHT…. we will be doing an official pre-ride of the course this Wednesday at 6:30pm (during daylight). We will meeting at the boat launch area (not the official start area) and riding to the start, as there is no parking available at the start, other than race day (or night). Depending on how many show up, we will split up into groups to accommodate most abilities.

Meet here -,0.027788&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=16

For more info on the race go here -

If you are in the market for new lights and will be racing, we are offering 10% discount on lupine lights for all registered racers. We can have the light charged and ready for you to pick up at the race.

Be part of history - race the first ever MASS NIGHT TIME XC RACE

Thanks for your time!
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I will be at the race and depending on work might try to swing the wednesday night preride!
5 of us from Team Cycle Works should be coming up for the preride tonight. See you guys at 6:30, should be fun!
droptopchevy said:
I was looking into this. I'm just a maybe though as of now.
Whats up Nick... (1fastalon) droptopchevy for every forum? I'll see you saturday. What class are you racing?
glad you all liked it... plan on it again for next year...

how sweet were the lit up ruins?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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