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Night Riding at WHite Clay, Middle Run, Fair Hill

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What is the status of night riding at White Clay, Middle Run, and Fair Hill? I understand the DE parks (WC and MR) may be closed at night? Is the same true for FH (MD park)? How strictly do they enforce (in some PA parks the officials "turn a blind eye"). Please advise.
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Pretty sure I've read that WC/MR are strictly off limits at night. No idea about FH, but isn't that a state park, and don't most close at sunset? Not sure on camping in FH either, or anything else about it.

I think I've seen the crew who bring us WC/MR ask that people don't risk getting caught doing illegal night rides because it would put serious risk to continued MTB'ing there. Would really suck to lose that place. There might be special night rides sometimes, not sure. Might want to see if you can find anything else on
Night riding is not permitted in those venues.

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