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my hair crawled away
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There are no good reasons not to poach the sweet single track other than its illegal.
The hikers who sued got what they wanted - to select which trails can be ridden by bikers (fire road) and which trails(sweet single track) were off limits. This was not the original intent of the Mark deed for one self interest group to carve out the park as they saw fit......

I think the law suit should have gone ahead, now the hikers get to keep the cream of the crop.....and leave us the hand outs......... I say that’s BS

Any how.......................the demand for trails will continue regardless of bogus rules. There are already more trails in the upper park carved by motorcyclist and bikers. This issue is not going away and will come up again until both sides come to an agreement. Round was not fair, it was one sided.

Tahoe has even odd days which would work great at Niesen. Either do West Ridge or Big Slide...

This incident reflects on how our government gets its way in the world........the one with the power always wins - no negotiation if I'm stronger......... what happened to sharing, respect, working it out, compromise.......we've turned into a society of us and them-

I'll stop before I get off the 2cents...........
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