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Nicolai Helius FR owners please post your setups.

Potential owners view, compare, drool & gain insight etc!

Nicolai Linky

Also "no flames please" you can do that on other posts or create a new one if you need to vent, let this be an information data base to assist not to attack or hinder. We can hopefully build a great source of valuable information.

Post pictures of your build also......

Riding terrain conditions:

* Rider height, weight, ride style e.g XC, endurance,trail, hucker etc

* Frame, Size, & Color:
* Fork:
* Shock, i2i, stroke
* Brakes:
* Cranks:
* Shifters:
* Front Derailleur:
* Rear Derailleur:
* Pedals:
* Stem:
* Handlebar:
* Seatpost:
* Saddle:
* Bottom Bracket:
* Cassette:
* Chain:
* Headset:
* Grips:
* Front Tire:
* Front Rim/ Spokes:
* Front Hub/Skewer:
* Rear Tire:
* Rear Rim:
* Rear Hub/Skewer:
* Cables:
* Misc:
* Overall Weight:

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Ok, let me be the first one to post.

Here are a few pictures of the initial build. There are already some changes to the specs, but I don't have any good up-to-date pictures of the bike at the moment.

Non-drive side

Drive side

Shock and shock mounts, uber-adjustable

The welds

Left chainstay with Rohloff cable guides

Left dropout, pivot, DT RWS axle

Riding terrain conditions:
From flat XC-like trails and even paved roads to the Alps.

* Rider height, weight, ride style e.g XC, endurance,trail, hucker etc
183 cv / 6 ft., 73.5 kilos / 162 lbs., riding style would be best described as 'trail' with occasional fooling around some small drops and stuff.

* Frame, Size, & Color: Nicolai Helius FR 2007 black anodized, no stickers, custom geo (ETT 600 mm, ST 425 mm), standard derailleur + Rohloff cable guides, ISCG mounts
* Fork: Rock Shox Lyrik U-Turn 2007
* Shock, i2i, stroke: Fox Van R 2007 200 mm / 7.875 in. eye-to-eye, 57 mm / 2.25 in. stroke, 400 lbs/in spring
* Brakes: Avid Juicy Five 2006 with Ashima ARO-03 rotors: 180 mm front, 160 mm rear
* Cranks: Shimano Hone (no steel pedal inserts) with Middleburn 24-tooth granny, 36-tooth middle and MRP slalom ring bash ring
* Shifters: SRAM X.7 2006 3 + 9
* Front Derailleur: SRAM X.7 2007 (pictured with SRAM X-Generation 2005)
* Rear Derailleur: SRAM X.7 2005
* Pedals: Time ATAC XS (pictured with Syncros Mental Pedal Alloy)
* Stem: Syncros AM 60 mm, 12 degrees (pictured with RooX Danny's FRD 50 mm, 0 degrees)
* Handlebar: Race Face Deus XC 31.8 mm, 635 mm wide, 25 mm rise (pictured with Race Face Deus XC 25.4 mm, 635 mm wide, 25 mm rise)
* Seatpost: Thomson Elite 31.6 x 410 in-line
* Saddle: SDG BelAir RL ti rails
* Bottom Bracket: Shimano Hone (pictured with Race Face X-Type FR/DH)
* Cassette: Shimano CS-M760 (Deore XT) 11-34
* Chain: Shimano CN-HG73 (Deore LX) (pictured with Shimano CN-7701 (XTR / Dura Ace))
* Headset: FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro Deep Cup
* Grips: Race Face Diabolus Lock-on with plastic plugs
* Front Tire: Schwalbe Nobby Nic 26 x 2.4 (pictured with Schwalbe Racing Ralph 26 x 2.4 (with Panaracer FlatAway protective tape)). Schwalbe Super Moto 2.35 for paved roads, Nokian Hakka WXC300 2.1 for the winter, Continental Diesel ProTection 2.5 for the mountains
* Front Rim/ Spokes: DT Swiss EX 5.1d / DT Swiss Competition 2.0-1.8-2.0 spokes with DT Swiss Standard nipples
* Front Hub/Skewer: Hope Bulb 20 mm with Rock Shox Maxle
* Rear Tire: Schwalbe Racing Ralph 26 x 2.4 (with Panaracer FlatAway protective tape) (pictured with Continental Vertical ProTection 26 x 2.3). Schwalbe Super Moto 2.35 for paved roads, Nokian Hakka WXC300 2.1 for the winter, Continental Diesel ProTection 2.5 for the mountains
* Rear Rim: DT Swiss EX 5.1d / DT Swiss Competition 2.0-1.8-2.0 spokes with DT Swiss Standard nipples
* Rear Hub/Skewer: Hope Pro II 10 mm through axle / / DT Swiss RWS Thru Bolt rear axle
* Cables: no name
* Misc: FSA 5 mm aluminium headset spacer, Author seat collar, Nokian 26 x 1.75-2.3 Schraeder tubes, Cat Eye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless computer, Lizard Skins Super Jumbo + Jumbo chainstay and seatstay protectors.
* Overall Weight: currently around 15.3 kilos / just under 34 lbs.

I'm about to fit a BlackSpire Stinger double-ring chain guide to it.

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Riding terrain conditions:
Everything from high speed DH to trail rides with 2k+ climbing to drops up to 15', to steep techy type stuff.

* Rider height, weight, ride style e.g XC, endurance,trail, hucker etc
5'10", 195# - very aggressive, very technical, lots of jumping / drops - both XC and DH. I bought this bike to replace my '07 Demo 8 since the season is over and I will not be racing next year. I wanted something I can go up and down on. I was looking for a mini DH type build (longish stays, low bb, longer WB, stout enough to take abuse - in the 5.5" range)

* Frame, Size, & Color: Nicolai Helius FR 2005 bronze anodized
* Fork: 2007 Marz 66 SL ATA
* Shock, i2i, stroke: Marz Roco WC 2.25" stoke - 450# spring - slightly undersprung at present.
* Brakes: Avid 2008 Codes 203 f&r
* Cranks: Diabolus w/ e13 srs - about to be converted to LG1
* Shifters: SRAM X0 - '07
* Front Derailleur: N/A
* Rear Derailleur: SRAM X0 - '07
* Pedals: Dangerboy
* Stem: Truvative Holzfeller
* Handlebar: Bonty Big Earl - 3/4" rise ~ 710mm
* Seatpost: Thomson Masterpiece
* Saddle: Sunline V1 - nice stuff, check 'em out if you haven't already
* Bottom Bracket: Raceface
* Cassette: SRAM 11-28
* Chain: SRAM 971
* Headset: FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro Deep Cup
* Grips: Intense Lock ons
* Front Tire: Minion F 2.5 - ghetto tubeless
* Front Rim/ Spokes: 729 / DT 14
* Front Hub/Skewer: Hadley 20mm
* Rear Tire: Minion 2.5
* Rear Rim: 729 / DT 14
* Rear Hub/Skewer: Onyx - presently QR
* Cables: no name
* Misc: Hope seatpost clamp - works great, looks cool
* Overall Weight: don't yet know - ~37# maybe?

This is the best pic I have of the bike at the moment, will try to get more soon. :)


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largato grande - Looks a sweet sweet build, Enjoy..... Look forward to seeing more photos of this puppy in action.............

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Not yet built so will update with weights etc once it is but here's my upcoming spec. Pretty much everything is to be transferred over from my Turner 6-Pack

Rider height - 6', weight - 200 odd lb, ride style - bit of everything

* Frame, Size, & Color: 2008 Large ano black
* Fork: 2008 Fox 36 Van RC2
* Shock, i2i, stroke - 200 X 57 Roco TST
* Brakes: Hope Moto V2
* Cranks:Race Face Atlas
* Shifters: Sram XO
* Front Derailleur: XT
* Rear Derailleur: Sram XO
* Pedals: DMR V12 mags
* Stem: 70mm Atlas
* Handlebar: Atlas
* Seatpost: probably Thomson
* Saddle: SDG Bel Air RL
* Bottom Bracket: RF DH with enduro bearings
* Cassette: XT
* Chain: Sram PC991
* Headset: CK Rasta
* Grips: Diabolus lock ons
* Front Tire: Nokian NBX UST
* Front Rim/ Spokes:Mavic XM 819, DT comps
* Front Hub/Skewer:Hope Pro 2 20mm
* Rear Tire: Nokian NBX UST
* Rear Rim: Mavic XM 819, DT comps
* Rear Hub/Skewer: Hope Pro 2, XT skewer
* Cables: XTR
* Misc:
* Overall Weight: TBC. Should be @ 34lb or so

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Mine looks very much like the pictures above. I too went for the stealth bomber look!Medium(a bit too tall for my 32" inseam) black frame, all stickers removed DHX5.0
Fox 36VAN 07 rcs all stickers removed- great fork!
CK steelset
Easton havoc stem 90mm I think
Easton Monkeylite bar med rise
Easton DH post
Ck pewter hubs DT swiss 5.1's
Hope 6Ti brakes(removed from my old DH rig. the rotors are overkill 205mm but they work great. Always liked Hopes)
Xt/XTR drivetrain
old avocet Ti gel saddle
Continental deisel tires 2.5's
I like the simple plain all blacked out bike. I'll post some pictures one of these days. What a great bike! It's way stiffer than my Moment. Not quite as plush but that's what I was looking for. THere's no detectible pedal induced susp movement or brake jack. I'd say it pedals 97-100 percent as well as a moment. This is easily the bet bike I've ever ridden for my tastes. Cheers!

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Great stuff Trailwhore, get some pics up to compliment your build list.... Enjoy

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randan said:
@ dipper + trailwhore: some pics of your rides would be appreciated :thumbsup:
I 2nd, 3rd and 4th this request..... Feed us some stoke dipper and TW.....:thumbsup:

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Looks sweet dipper, go and enjoy that puppy.

Karve, huge amounts of platform is nto really needed with the Helius, so I have heard form many owners....

Will be interesting to hear how the Rocco goes though.....

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Hey dipper really hot ride there buddy. I have just been trying to work out your weight. I think my build is going to come in a little heavier than yours with the CCDB and a saint chainset.

Really sweet ride, go and give it a thrash and give us a trail report.

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karve - I can confirm that these bikes do not need platform damping. I ran it today and never felt the need to use the tst lever. Even standing and cranking it feels sharp and responsive with very little bob.

I should probably start another thread with my 1st impressions as i know there's at least a couple of folk interested in comparisons between this and the RFX. Will do that shortly

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My Rohloff equipped FR

I only have the one photo but here is a shot of my new Helius FR.

Riding terrain conditions: A bit of everything really

* Rider height, weight, ride style e.g XC, endurance,trail, hucker etc
5'10"", 15st, mainly trail with some gnarly bits.

* Frame, Size, & Color: Medium Ano Black
* Fork: RS Coil Lyrik U-Turn
* Shock, i2i, stroke DHX5 with Ti Spring
* Brakes: XT 205mm front 160mm rear
* Cranks: XT
* Shifters: Rohloff
* Front Derailleur: none
* Rear Derailleur: none
* Pedals: spd
* Stem: Thompson X4 100mm 0°
* Handlebar: Easton EA70 mid rise
* Seatpost: Thompson Elite 7° layback
* Saddle: Sella Italia Ti Turbo???
* Bottom Bracket: XTll hollowtech
* Cassette: none
* Chain: Sram PC1
* Headset: Hope
* Grips: lock on
* Front Tire: Nokian
* Front Rim/ Spokes: Mavic XC717 DT db
* Front Hub/Skewer: Hope Pro2
* Rear Tire: Nokian
* Rear Rim: Mavic XC717
* Rear Hub/Skewer: Rohloff
* Cables: ?
* Misc:
* Overall Weight: 35.5lb

Rides like a dream, climbs superbly and keeps a line even in the most slippery situations. Descending is just in a different league to anything else I've tried.


lazy piston
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Hey mattp94, this is one good looking bike, congratulations! The weight is not bad, too, considering you've got coils both front and rear and the hefty Speedhub.

One question: what's the deal with the headset? As far as I can tell from the picture, you've got 1 1/8 headtube, and I think Hope headsets do not have enough press-in depth to comply with the Nicolai warranty. Last I checked they required at least 22 mm deep cups.

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mattP94 - Welcome to the Forum...

Sweet looking bike and build, as Smith mentions, a good weight really with the components you have gone with.... Pleased to hear you are enjoying the bike... Bet it rips...

It is worth maybe looking into the deal with the headsets, can imagine you will be going hard with your build too...
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