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Re: RAGE CYCLES in Scottsdale AZ.

I had a nice surprise yesterday when I walked into one of my favorrite shops that used to not even know much about 29ers, much less promote them. I purchsed my '05 293 here a few months ago and shopped there many times before my first 29er - VERY COOL guys with very good deals. The ideal shop - that is NOW its the ideal shop. When I walked in I was shocked to see not one but TWO Dos Niners hanging and one GF Rig. Peter the owner, mentioned that he loved the way the 29ers ride.

Then I got talking to them about 29er tires and they pulled some Exiwolfs from out of the stock room! It appears they are jumping in the movement head first! I bought them (30$ a piece!!) and some stans sealant and left a happy camper.

These guys are the real deal. I've never received better service from any shop (and I've been to many).
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