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Dude, wazzup with Jericho??

Bustedbrad said:
Hey Y'all. I was just surfing the web and stumbled upon this article about our friend Josh. Check it out.... Jericho Article :D :D :D
Them Jericho people man, whats up with them?? First off, I am very curious about them bikes from all the banners on this site, like the ones up top. Now, click ont eh banner but there is no site, so basically this is a dead-beat banner. So, what do they make and how good is it???? I have seen just about maybe one article on Jericho bikes and that is the one mentioned on this thread. Now, I have never seen any of their bikes on eBay either, so where are they?...I wanna know more...

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Jericho makes sick bikes...

If you read the article you would see that the site is being re-launched sometime soon. Josh makes amazing bikes...some of the nicest SS frames that I have seen and one of the nicest guys to deal with. I had the honor of using one of his SS at Sea Otter this year and it handled like a charm. Just be patient and you will see the light soon enough. And you have not seen them on e-bay because people really enjoy their frames and tend to keep them. Josh also makes some great Chain Rings that many SS riders use. The bars and stem that he is talking about look great too. Just spend some time on the SS forum and you should be able to to find people talking about him. I know that there are several posts showing pictures on here too.
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