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I was at an event hosted by Bike Rag at Hot Italian in Emeryville CA last night. I got to visit with number of old NorCal (we go back to 2002) and some newer NICA folk.

I got to hear about the model they are using to help new Leagues get started. At the get were 3 folks from Virginia. They were here to experience a NorCal race and soak up some of the culture. Later NICA folk with visit Virginia to see their operation and offer support.

It was interesting to hear that they had started a League based upon USAC but moved on to NICA. It is an obvious move to me as the model we created is better for kids. It works for a reason.

NorCal was born in schools through an interpretation of mtb by riders who were academics and folks who worked with kids and families. People and kids just aren't that different from one coast to another.
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