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hello all

i finally got my bits back (big delay over xmas hols) from the anodisers and just started building it up, (thats the good part).
when i was connecting the nFlex to the leds(here comes the bad part) i think 2 wires touched that shouldnt have, and now when i turn it on the leds are very very dim( so dim you can look directly at it with no problem at all.
what i want to know is, have i totally messed up the nFlex or has it gone into some sort of safety shutdown mode type of thing, and if it has how do i get out of it?

i`m assuming its the nFlex not the leds thats the problem because i only had 1 led connected, but ive since tried both of them and theyre both the same

just thought id ask before i go and trawl throught the manual :)

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