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I've got a Nexus 3-speed disc hub, and was wanting to mess around with the OLD 2 OLD dimensions (don't ask, long story, stretched cruiser lowrider bike), but running into thread pitch problems.

I've looked into the dealer manual with the exploded view and parts lists, but not sure what to make of it.
The "cap nuts" are only listed as 3/8".
The left hand serrated locknut is listed as 10.7mm and the right hand lock nut is listed as 9.9mm.

I'm essentially trying to narrow the L2L dimensions, the locknut dimensions match my measured thicknesses, but a quick trip to the hardware store didn't reveal anything with the right thread pitch. I was able to get an M10x1 to thread on about 3/4 of a turn, same with a couple of the 3/8" nuts.
Any insight from the more knowledgable than I out there? Thanks!
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