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I recently bought a weird bike, a biomega copenhagen shaft driven (not really an mtb but same style as those from the 90s which I love).
When riding, gears 1 to 4 felt a bit light grinding even if they all worked.
I took it apart for its oil bath with the recommended oil from shimano and grease for IGH's.
In the disassembly process I went one step further than is required for the bath, as shown in the picutres, and when i put it back, but even when aligning the yellow marks in gear 4 perfectly, gear no. 1 seems not reachable. The pedals seem to be blocked but sometimes, moving them back and forth slightly and a bit of strength, it seems to work.

I wonder if I rotated the shaft with the pins that make gears engage when I disassembled it and now all the gears are a bit "off". I noticed that when I took it apart (for the 2nd time), one of those pins was slighly out, the one for gear 1 I think. Might that be the reason? Does someone have any other suggestion of what could I do wrong? It does not seem to be many things you can do wrong when doing this process only up to this stage...

Many thanks!!



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