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Nexus 8 off one gear

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After I reinstalled the wheel, which I have done many times, my new range is gears two through eight. Unfortunately, I need first gear.

The yellow dots line up perfectly…when the shifter is in third gear. After reading Shimano's manual, Sheldon Brown, etc., I'm no closer to resolving this than when I started. Only thing I can think of is the cable is old/damaged, but before I replace it I'd like to rule out everything else. Thanks
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It's probably an alignment issues between the shifter and the hub. Make sure all the tension in the shifter is released (it's been a long time since I've played with my Alfine, but I think this is the lowest gear) then remove the cable from the hub again and then reattach it. The hub and the shifter will now both be in 1sth gear and you can then align the yellow dots.

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