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Next Thursday, Mt Pinos climb!

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Anyone have Thursday next week off? I want to ride Mt Pinos. Not as a shuttle, but pedal up to the top and then enjoy the down, likely followed by pizza and beer. Anyone is welcome, I have baby bear pace (not too fast but not too slow).
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Bump. I'm back in town and this is on!
I'd be all over it but am going to be out of town. Would love to do Pinos sometime, bummed to miss next Thurs...
What time you doing it? I have Thursday off but work graveyards until 630 Thu AM.
I'm probably starting 9 or 10 am. I'm sure I will be doign this again, I will post again. when I do it.
Black Bart and I went out and rode Pinos today. The weather was awesome and aside from a few hikers the trail was empty. The lupines and the indian paintbrush are in bloom. THe trail is in pretty decent condition, aside from a couple of blown out corners (really people, stay on the trails!). Otherwise, excellent condition. Wish my legs felt as great ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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