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next hardtail?

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I'm looking to move on from my beat up hardrock sport and i'm looking for some suggestions. I've got a few bikes in mind:

I kinda wanna stay in the 800-900 range. Any suggestions??
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I'd get the Comp Disc 29... But that's just me.
mtnbiker72 said:
+1 for the Comp Disc 29
I like that they put the stiffer spring in the Dart 3 for the larger sizes.
Lets say we take the 29er out of the equation, which would you suggest if i was looking at the 6000 or the rockhopper?
probably the 6000, it's got all x-5 components, which are decent without being expensive. as well, the two have the same fork, brakes, similar frames, wheelsets, etc.
I'd go ride them and see which feels the best before worrying about components and brands.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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