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Unfortunatelty that chart does not match the chart on Framed Bikes website that includes the other sizes. I just can't buy a bike from a company that can not even bother to update their website with accurate information about what they are selling. This is the chart from their website and it does not match the info on your posted chart so something is not right. Yours is from a bike with carbon tubes not the Framed Minnesota which is aluminum.

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Have you emailed them? They were super helpful the one time I contacted them and it wasn't even their version of the open mold frame.

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Framed has no info on their website for the 22" frame. Does anyone have one who could measure:
1. Headtube
2. Effective Top Tube
3. Steerer tube length

Thanks very much
I bought a 21” last year, and all measurements were off.
Seat tube for example is not 21” as they said on their website, but 19.5”
To put it into perspective, I always ride L framed bikes, my roadbike is 58cm.
The 21” Minnesota feels and measures more like a Medium frame from other manufacturers.
I’m 6’1” btw.
Thought they shipped the wrong sized bike, but they said my measurements are correct for their 21” frame size?!

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