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So my first bike was a Mongoose Detention that I took out a few times on the trail and had an awesome time with. I bought it from the local thrift store for $30. Its the bike that introduced me to the sport. I ended up taking a spill and totally wrecking the rear wheel, and rear derailleur. Ended up getting a rear derailleur and now it sits in my garage until I can source a new wheel.

Then while I was sourcing a wheel and knowing that I wanted to stick with the sport my fiancé ended up getting me my current bike for Christmas, 2013 Redline D600.

So I figured I would go shop around and try to find her a bike so we can ride together since it's impossible for me to find a wheel for the Detention for a reasonable price. I went to the same thrift shop and found this baby. Mongoose Deception 29er, technically it's a little big for her but for $30 I couldn't pass it up. Go figure I get it home and the front derailleur is trashed, but for $30 I can't complain. Just ordered a Shimano Alivio front derailleur to replace the trashed one and hopefully get this bike on the rode so I can have a bike for her and other riding buddies to try and get them into the sport.

And also I ended up picking up a GMC Denali for free from that thrift shop being the fact that my best friend Mom works there.

This may seem like a pointless thread but just really wanted to introduce myself and show off some of my goodies. Feel free to shoot back any input and ideas of how I can those Mongooses back on the road, because no matter how many videos I watch I cannot for the life of me figure out how to adjust these derailleurs.
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