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Newby to Disc Brakes

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Hi All,
I'm new here and have tried searching for the information I need but couldn't find anything too specific. There is so much quality info to be found and you all seem to have a great community.
I have recently upgraded to a DBR BSX Sport which came fitted with Tektro IO mechanical discs - 203mm fron & 180mm rear. I haven't been very impressed with them and find that they are only slightly better (if at all) than the Shimano V brakes on my previous ride. I've also found that after market pads are nigh impossible to find as that was the first thing I looked upgrading to increase their performance.

I'm happy to leave the Tektro on the rear but would like to know what is involved with upgrading the front braking system. Do I need to buy a new adaptor to go with the new caliper or are they standard to suit the specific disc diameter (ie could I use my existing adaptor)? Would I 'need' to upgrade the lever or are they universal? I would most likely do this anyway but am curious if its a requirement. Also, are different manufacturers discs compatible with the various calipers?

I'm happy to stick with cable operated and would most likely look at something from the Avid range.

I look forward to any info you can provide

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I would recommend the avid bb7 caliper. You may need to get a different adapter but you can still run you tektro lever. Take the bike to your local shop and they could answer the adapter question for you.
If you are buying new them the new cailper (if you go for Avid) will come with an adaptor that makes it fit onto International Standard mountings as found on your forks (if you still have the Rock Shox Judy's they come with) but will also fit the Hayes style post mount should you choose to upgrade your fork to a different set. The levers you already have are going to be just fine for your new discs and your current disc should be fine too just check with the diameter to make sure when buying the new ones but the thickness of the rotor doesn't alter much between brands.
Thanks for the replys, sounds like good news. The bike came with Marzocchie Dirt Jam Pro forks (not Judys) but is still an ISO mount I believe. Will head down the bike shop soon and see what they can offer.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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