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Definitely new to the sport and want to make a right purchase :thumbsup: since money is tight. I looked into buying an IBEX '06, seems tempting but recently I found an IRON HORSE WARRIOR DS TRAIL '05 on BICYCLEBUYS for $600. Is this a great deal or not?:confused: Has anyone dealt with bicyclebuys? I'm looking for a bike that can take a beating :madman: since I'm not a pro. I live in NC, and not really gonna do anything crazy...yet. Does anyone here have this bike or similar one. I'm 5' 11", 170 and wondering how does it ride and what size I would need. What are the specs(fork travel/weight/etc.). Bicyclebuys doesn't have much listed and I found no archives on the IH website. One more thing, what's this deal about Target selling bikes similar if not exact to those from IH. I read it on some other thread, Is this true or not?
At the end, I just want to start riding, just need a little direction.
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