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Newbie racer looking for advice

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Hi Guys,

I am looking into racing as much as possible this year and have no idea really where to start.

I have 2 legs and a few bikes, but thats about it.

I have poked around on ABC, but are there any guys/gals here that do it every year?

Questions I have are below, but certainly not limited to these:


While I have some, I am not mechanic, and have only basic tools. What are must haves?

Spares? Common race parts that need replaced frequently?

Best races close to anchorage? I am not looking to travel too much (well id love too, but I have two little ones).

Bike setup? I have a great deal of suspension setup experience, but is MTB setups specific to each trail? Or do you just set it an forget it?

I miss competing, and love riding so it makes sense.

I know that was a mouthful, thanks!
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Welcome! There is a pretty good racing community in and around Anchorage. Are you looking at mountain bike racing or road or a combination? I will focus on mountain because this is a mountain bike forum generally so will assume that is what your focus is on.

Most trails are ridable one either a hard tail or full suspension setup. Mostly comes down to the preference of the rider. There is a good mix of both. Depending on the specific course, one might be better than another on a particular night, but probably not a huge advantage either way. A good setup would be a full suspension with lockout capability for the doubletrack sections of trail that are fairly smooth.

As far as tools, I usually race with a spare tube, CO2, and chain tool with masterlink. Figure anything I can't fix with that and I might as well walk back anyway. Most races are multi-lap races, so you never get all that far from the parking lot at any point.

Here is a link to the mountain bike website. They are still in a bit of a transition phase, but you can link to more info from there:

There is a race series out at Kincaid. There are also a number of miscellaneous races spread around the area, Hillside, Chugiak, etc...

If you are interested in the road racing, let me know and I can get you to all that information as well.
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