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Thinking about building a set of 24" wheels to go on a 26" frame for my daughter. In part because I want to save money, in part because I have not found disc ready 24" wheelsets.

The bad is that I have never have done it before.
The good is that I feel confident that I can do it with patience and the help of the resources on these pages.

My questions:

First, does anyone know where to find a decent and inexpensive 24" wheelset ready made?
Second, what is a decent weight and a common width for a 24" rim?

Please keep in mind that It will be for light trail use, as my daughter is only getting started.

Thanks in advance,

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Well it won't be cheap, not expensive but not cheap. 24" is not common wheel size for mtb so your best bet is to build it yourself. The ones I've seen starting about 30mm width to 36(which seems to be common) then it goes to the fat tires size.

Then there's tires many companies offer popular models in 24" but not many shop stock them so they would not be as cheap as their 26" cousin. I'd just buy a couple of rims and disc hubs and have them built.

I agree with GuruAtma, you'd need shorter crankset for more than one reason than just pedal strikes. good luck sure sounds like a fun project, I've have seen a custom built XS Intense Spider with 24" hoops it looks totally b!tchen.:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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