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Hi All,

I'm new here so go easy on me. I've got questions that might have been answered but can't seem to find it so i'll ask again.

I recently bought a Giant 05' NRS (yellow/black...good deal) with 2 shock position on the swing arm and i want to know more about their usage. Yesterday i upgraded the OEM shock with Fox Float R and discovered a few questions.

The Fox Float R's air valve is built high up on the side near the shock's upper mount which causes problem when mounted on the 2nd shock position on the upper arm of the NRS. This hinders pumping of the shock because the NRS's upper arm blocks off the air valve on the Fox completely hence i reverse mount the shock; having the rebound nobb facing inwards instead. Even then, the problem still exsist so i reposition the Fox mounting it on the first shock position on the NRS's upper arm. The problem was solved but leaves me to another question, the LBS said that the first shock position shortens the travel from it's original 3.75 inch to 3 and the ride becomes harder. Now i have no problem with that but i do occasional drops(2 to 3 feet) and am worried that the travel won't hold and will wreck the Fox.

Does anyone have any info on which shock position is better? Any advice is highly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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