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edit: duh! i'm not thinking here...this site is for hardcore mtb'ers who hit the trails and body here cares for the roads :D wrong bad

i have watched several videos of people riding front suspension bikes (1) very fast (15-18 mph easy) on flat trails (2) climb at a decent speed on big hills.

seems like the front suspension is tuned so there isn't much bobbing / play as they climb or sprint on flat ground. its very efficient and moves only when riders hit something. even when riders brake hard, there isn't much fork dive. this is nothing like how i hear in the forums. people say front suspension robs energy or that "it isn't fun to be bobbing up and down when climbing". i didn't really see this and the hardtail suspension was very efficient.

question: if hardtail with front suspension very efficient on a mountain, why can't it be just efficient on the road? let's assume you change the tire to slicks like schwalbe big apples.

is it because the ht is efficient on road but a rigid is even more or is this another case of theoretical not translating to reality? i don't mind $65 / year maintenance and a little loss of efficiency for the freedom to take my only one bike (pre-ordered trek cobia 2011) wherever i please.
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