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[edit] please disregard my horrible spelling on the thread name. I am such a tool.

Ok, I am not really a newbie to biking, but I am a newbie to this forum. I raced XC Expert for 5 years (from age 14-19...and raced at lower levels starting at 12) but I am just now getting back into the mtb'ing world--mainly because I realize that my fitness is pathetic.

My problem is this: when i used to race I was a scanty 6'3" 165-170ish and grew up riding hardtails (mainly for the weight savings on the climbs). However, I am now 6'4", 205-210 lbs and technology seems to have improved to the point where I can find a full suspension bike at nearly the weight of my old race bike. Since these FS bikes have lockable rear shocks (to prevent me from just bobbing up and down out of the saddle), I am really not sure why I shouldn't go after the free added stability a FS bike offers on the descents. However, I loved the feel of climbing a hardtail and I am now sure the added suspension will be worth the weight. Then again, this is the first time I have really had to factor my own weight into the equation.

I have been looking at a few Motobecane bikes because the price is insane. They have 2 bikes for around 1500: a Fly 9357 (hardtail) and a Phantom DS Pro (FS). Although these are not my ONLY choices, I think I will probably end up choosing between the two. BTW, although I am in sad physical condition right now, I plan on racing in the late spring/summer on whatever bike I choose.

However, I am on here looking for advice on what to buy. If anyone has any opinoin PLEASE lay it on me.

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