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Newbie need a new bike

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New member from National City, San Diego
Hi everybody, im new in the forum...
I'd like to seek advice in buying a new mountain bike.
In high school I use to do some dirt jumps and some street riding but I stopped when I was in college.
I like to do some downhill and all terrain mountain riding. So I guess a full suspension bike is a must. I'm just a begginner.
I'm 5'7 and medium build frame. 175 lbs 32 years old
any recommendations and suggestions?
budget is a little bit tight around $800 or you can suggest a higher priced one. (i'll think about it)
Also, which bike shop should i go to in san diego that gives great deals?
as for brands I don't know who builds the best bikes out there.

Thanks in advance guys!!!
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I like Performance Bike. There is one over in La Mesa but I would check out the one in Kearney Mesa. I think they have a little bit better selection of bikes than the La Mesa store. I really like Performance in the $500-$1200 price range. You are short enough that you might be able to find a deal on a full suspension bike from 2008 that might fit. If they had a Canaan Elite or Comp from 2008 sitting on the floor you might be able to make a deal on it. I am not going to recommend anything else because I think once you go under $1200 or so on a full suspension bike they become heavy and discouraging to pedal with pedal bob.

The Mongoose Amasa Super Comp hardtail at Performance is around $700 and with a 120 mm fork I think would be a nice alternative to a FS bike. I am not a big fan of FS bikes but I have owned a couple over the past five years. If you want to go used there are some deals on Craigslist on full suspension bikes.
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