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Hello people I'm new here recently got in to mountain bikes

currently got a 99 carrea caldera it's a ok bike but looking to upgrade to something newer. Use the bike to ride work mainly which is a great ride with some bumpy/dirty tracks and a good few hills

so looking for a decent bike with in the 拢200 to 拢400 price margin but there's so many to choose from so can any of you recommend a good one it will also be used on weekends on long rides so needs to be strong and good quality that can withstand rough terrain.

sorry for for a long intro.


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Well, at that price you may possibly be better off with a second hand bike. Although if you want new (and who doesn't!) and can stretch to 拢600, Halfords sell the "Voodoo Bizango" which won bike of the year in MBR December 2013.
There is also a cheaper version, called the "Hoodoo" I think, which is also pretty good, but it's still over 拢400.
Apart from that, Paul's Cycles (UK online dealer) have some NOS (new old stock) 2011/2012/2013 bikes, a couple of which are on offer at 拢399 or less.

A quick search on their site turned up a new 2011 Cannondale Trail SL5 for 拢369, a couple of 2013 Giant's, a 2013 Mongoose and a 2013 GT Avalanche all at 拢400 or less.
Stretch to 拢450 and there's a 2011 Cannondale Trail SL4 (available in med/large sizes) which is the next rung up the ladder.

These are all solid starter bikes with disc brakes and front suspension, that won't fall apart when you take them off road, and will be worth upgrading when funds allow.

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Hi people been away a while forgot i joined up

anyway i brought this beauty end of 2014. Giant Stance 2 2015 650b.
But was stolen back in april from my work place :cryin::cryin::cryin:

Bicycle tire Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle wheel

Then went 5 weeks with out a bike and decided to buy this for a project but miss my full sus.

Its a Orange ****** not sure on year
was powder coated by previous owner.

Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel

Tire Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Wheel Body of water
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