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Hi to all I am new to mt biking, looking to buy an enjoyable bike that makes me want to ride. I know that I want a quality bike, I'm no snob but don't want a rat trap.
My budget is limited to $450. I know that for a bit more it opens up better components etc., but $450 is it.
On a whim I went to Sports Authority and sat on an 18" Diamondback Response Sport that was very comfortable and would have bought it but wanted to do some research 1st.

I've been looking online at the DB Response, 2010 Windsor Cliff 4300 and Motobecane 500HT, 600HT.
Are these bike similar in frame geometry? Can they compare to the DB?

I'm not limited to these brands but don't want to get talked into spending more money than my limit. $350-$450 is a decent amount of money for what I want to do. Light trails and dirt roads.
I am 5'11 230lbs, 43 years old and looking to get into better shape and lose weight and ride a bicycle for fun.
Thanks, Phil
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