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newb questions for home repair

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First off the bike is a warrior comp, it has a 9 speed sram PG 950 11/32T cassette in the back and truvativ powerspline BB and Truvativ Iso Flow cranks in the front.

I've had this bike a while and im sick of paying LBS prices to get it fixed all the im looking for tools. Basically I just need the specialized tools to take off the crank, bottom bracket, cassette and anything else to get at my bearings (which i think are in really rough shape at this point). Do you guys happen to know what I would need? Ive looked at some tool kits but they either seem to be extremely expensive or they are crappy tools, so im looking to piece together my own kit.

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8mm allen wrench for the crank bolts, if you have self-extracting bolts you don't need a puller but if you don't, then you'll need a crank puller like the Park CCP-4. Bottom bracket cups something like the Park BBT-22. Cassette lockring removal something like the Park FR-5 or FR-5G and a chain whip.
Ask your LBS if they have classes to teach you how to use the tools and work on your own bike. Most good shops do. They can also guide you to the right tools for the job. Don't be afraid to ask them, they shouldn't get offended.
Good online sources are and as well as buying a book like Zinn's Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance...
It's quite possible with your hub, and all but guaranteed with your BB that you have sealed bearings that are meant to be replaced rather than serviced.

The tools mentioned are a good start though. If you'll only be doing occasional service on 1 or 2 bikes, the Spin Doctor Essential Tool Kit from Performance looks to have everything you'd need. It won't last as long as Park stuff, but you're not planning on the volume of repairs that a shop does either.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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