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I will do my first DH race this weekend. I will be in the old guy’s beginner class and was wondering if it made sense to wear the Flak Jacket or is that overkill. I realize this is probably a personal preference but wanted some input to this newb question. Any other race suggestions would help as well.

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Bring it with you to the race. evaluate there. (it might be overkill but if it makes you more confident then wear it)

Practice sprinting out of the start. Make sure your heart rate is going a little bit before your start if you can.

Know where your skills are good and bad and use them accordingly.

Don't burn up all your energy in the fast sections only to be fatigued when the rockgardens/drops come.

Pre-ride/walk the course. observe the faster riders and their lines.

Lookup or inquire as to the last years timing if you're trying to be competitive. Practice the sections you know you'll have problems with. No sense in hammering and wasting energy in the sections you know how to do well already.

Set your tire pressure once you get there and stick with it.

Try to visualize the course as you're racing and what is comming up. It'll help picking faster lines and accelerating properly.

And have fun,

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I'd wear it, you'll only have it on for a few minutes and it could save you a hospital stay. Leave the camelback home though! :)
I did my first DH race last year and had a great time. I found that I had to keep reminding myself to pedal rather than just coasting and trying to style through sections. Game is to get to the bottom as fast as possible.
Have FUN and good luck!

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Armor = Always

I didn't make it 12 years in DH without a major injury because I fell into the I'm too cool for armor clan. It only takes one pointy rock on even a flat course to mess up your whole life. And before any of you little teeny weenies chime in. He is older than you and does not live at home, and may need to be at a job on monday. Wear the flak jacket!

Yes wear the flack jacket....

Walking through the course is a GREAT idea... you will see lines that you never would have found while riding fast down the course.....Then practice more after walking down...
(make sure you walk when nobody is riding or move when others are coming) Chances are you will hear them long before you have to worry about being in the way
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